Can I use my phone?
You bet!

Does it cost anything?
Adoptimize Foster is free for fosters to use. If you want to use Adoptimize in your shelter or rescue, please reach out to us at

Do I have to sign up?
We hate creating accounts. There are no accounts required for Adoptimize Foster :)

Can I use a picture with multiple pets?
Unfortunately, no. Our technology supports single-pet images.

Do you support costumes or objects on pets?
Adoptimize works best without costumes or objects on pets.

Does Adoptimize Foster support cats?
Not yet, but we know how important it is! We hope to in the near future.

How can I share Adoptimize with my local shelter?
Thank you! You can send your shelter this link.


Does Adoptimize work with LIVE photos?
Unfortunately, no.

Why are the photos on my iOS device grayed out on my desktop?
Oftentimes the grayed out photos are Apple’s LIVE photos (.HEIC format), a format we don’t support. There are a few ways you can get around this:

  1. Disable live photos. Easy instructions are located here.
  2. Disable live photos temporarily, and take a new picture

I didn’t receive an edited image. What should I do?
Try uploading a different image or reach out to us at, and we’ll help you troubleshoot.

How many times can I upload?
You can upload up to 5 images.

How many pictures can I upload at one time?
Right now, we’re offering one picture at a time.

Editing Images

How do I change the background color?
You can use our background color picker located directly below your edited image.

I want a different background color than the ones you provide.
If you’re on a desktop computer, you can use our manual photo editor. Just click on the corresponding Raw Shot you’d like and select the Manual Edit button, which will open our photo editing suite.

Can I change the lighting in the photo?
You bet! If you’re on a desktop computer, you can use our photo editing suite. Just click on the corresponding Raw Shot you’d like to edit and select the Manual Edit button.